Knitting, experimenting, and dog models, oh my!

Yesterday I decided I needed another cowl because winter is coming.  I really hate the winter and part of me believes that if I just have enough cowls, and hats, and scarves, and gloves (and other knitted things) that it won’t suck so badly.

This is a lie.

Winter is terrible.

But that doesn’t stop me from making cowls.

People have asked me before how I just start knitting something when I don’t have a pattern. You don’t really need a pattern for a lot of things. You just need an idea, some patience, and the willingness to embrace imperfection (Or the mental fortitude to rip it all out and start over if you don’t like it) My idea started out fairly simple. I wanted a cowl. I wanted to play with texture. I wanted it to roll just a little. I wanted it to feel autumn-like, instead of reminding me of the dead of winter.

So, I set to work with my half-formed idea to see where it would take me. Slightly bulky yarn (maybe aran? but probably bulky), size 11 needles. Cast on 81 stitches, join. Knit for five rounds, work in seed stitch until you get bored, and then knit for five more rounds. It was cute, simple and fast and it felt like autumn.

But then…..well…I thought, what if it had a hood? Remember the wind and the rain? Do you remember how much November rain sucks?? (The song and the actual rain. They both make me hate life) I wanted to be wrapped up and warm, so I definitely needed a hood on this cowl. Only, I had never added a hood to something before. So, I googled it. And I looked at a few different ways people added hoods. And when I understood the basics of it, then I did it my own way. Of course.

I had visions of Grace Kelly and her scarf. It did not turn out that way. But that’s the risk you take when you work without a pattern and are simply trying to learn how to construct something. I feel it’s more like a post-apocalyptic-viking-helmet-hood-thing than Grace Kelly, which is cool, but not really the look I was trying to achieve.

I’ve put some buttons on the back so the cowl section can be draped across your face like a balaclava, but I don’t quite have the placement right yet. I might fix them. I don’t know yet, because I might actually rip out the bind off and the last few rows and do it again. (I was again playing with texture but it didn’t quite work) Or I might rip off the hood entirely. I haven’t decided yet. Do you see what I mean about being able to be okay with thing being “wrong” or imperfect? Rip it or embrace it. 😀

HOWEVER. I did discover it looks SUPER DAMN CUTE on the dogs. And if nothing else, I think that’s pretty good. (also I learned some stuff about knitting too, I guess)

Buster doing his best Ewok impression

Ripley modeling the cowl section and desperately trying to understand what she needs to do for the cheese I’m holding.

She figured it out! Yay, cheese! 😀


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  1. YES! LOVE the dog photos!

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